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Violet Biscuits: Jennifer Campbell

Violet Biscuits is a project run by a group of three artists: Cilla Berg, Linnea Jardemark and Lucy Wilson. The project incorporates exhibitions, performance events, artist talks and artist residencies.

Ever After Slices – Jennifer Campbell
16 oktober – 13 november 2019
Exhibition, performance and talk with Jennifer Campbell

Graphic design: Elina Birkehag och Sophie Rentien Lando

Violet Biscuits invites London based artist Jennifer Campbell to do a performance and exhibition in the upstairs window.

Objects that are both stage props and sculptures, both shoddy and slick, will be handled and re-arranged in a mute pantomime. Campbell takes influence from a range of sources including shampoo adverts, Cirque Calder, vogueing, stage make-up, dance, abstract expressionist painting, magazine adverts and experiences in the supermarket. The work will investigate the potential for fragmented and liquid sensations of identity in relation to the current age of omnipresent market forces and seductive commercial promises.

Supported from Göteborgs Stad and Atalante

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