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Vrångsholmen Skola

One week collective residency at Vrångsholmen, Tanums Kommun
July 2020
10 Participants

Arrangers: Linnea Jardemark and Filippa Edholm

Residens Vrångsholmen Skola (Vrångsholmen School Residency) is a week long residence for artistic collaboration, learning and trying. The structure consists of collective research with focus on participation and sharing of knowledge in the form of workshops, talks, dinners and other collective learning sessions. Residens Vrångsholmen Skola is adressed to artist, students and teachers from various artistic disciplines, with different backgrounds and ages. In February, an Open Call will be sent out for open application to the residence. The idea for Vrångsholmen Skola is based on each participating artist leading each workshop in its field for the other participants. The workshop consists of the artist’s own interest in exploring and sharing an element from his practice, test one new form or recreate something existing in a new environment. The focus is on getting opportunity to test their work in an interdisciplinary context and is based on that we believe the pedagogical situation is an fruitful context for artistic development. Between the participants’ workshops, we focus on creating and sharing pedagogical and artistic tools through conversation and cooking. Vrångsholmen Skola focuses on experimentation and research rather than on production and end products.

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