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Live-video projections

Since 2015, Linnea Jardemark has been using the projector as a medium to create moving images in conversations with other scenic elements such as music, dance, theatre and readings. With a camera connected directly to the projector without a computer as an intermediate stage, she creates seductively moving images in an analog way, including glass bowls, water, paints and textiles. As a visual artist, Linnea has participated in a number of scenic productions and collaborations with musicians, dancers, choirs and theatre productions, performing on stages and galleries such as Göteborgs Dans och Teaterfestival at Stora Teatern, Göteborg; Röda Sten, Göteborg; Skissernas Museum, Lund; Kulturhuset i Stockholm; Vega, Köpenhamn (DK); Kramladen, Vienna (AUT); Dome of visions, Aarhus (DK). The technique has also been used for music-video production and recorded backdrops for concerts.